• Car Insurance

    Our agency strives to provide superior service and protection at the lowest possible cost for your car insurance.

  • Home Insurance

    Explore many different options that will protect your home and personal possessions.

  • Life Insurance

    Overwhelmed by all the Life Insurance choices? Don’t be. We make finding the right life insurance easy.

  • Business Insurance

    The first step in making sure you have the right coverage for your business, is finding the right agent.

    Insurefit RM solves today’s insurance quandary by truly maximizing your protection and providing tailor-made service while always keeping affordability in mind. We’re giving you new ways to think about your Auto, Home, Life and Business insurance.

    Take Control

    At Insurefit RM we want you to take control of your insurance. In an ever-changing world, it is critically important to manage your insurance. Choosing the right insurance plan can make a big difference over just buying a basic policy to save a few bucks. You need an agent who will take the time to explain what your coverages mean. Enable you to make smart decisions. And you need a company that is financially strong enough to pay your claim. Most importantly, you need an Ally.

    Our Number One Priority: You

    We’re dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals and even possibly your dreams through innovative and effective insurance planning. We use concepts that are designed to focus on what could lie ahead.

    We are a customer focused agency. Our approach is geared toward achieving an enjoyable customer experience. When working with us — your goals are our goals. Your concerns are our concerns. It’s not enough for us to only sell you a quality insurance policy. It’s only designed well if it’s crafted to accomplish what you need. We’re dedicated to helping you construct a quality insurance program through innovative and effective insurance planning.

    Working Online and Offline

    We can meet you at your home, business, or any other location for that matter, to make life as easy as possible for you. Or feel free to come down to the office and have a cup of coffee while we talk things over. Although the digital age has beamed us into the technology era, we don’t completely rely on automation and lack of human touch. We use a strategy that takes advantage of the internet and social media to strengthen the way we deliver important information to you. These tools are complementary to our business philosophy, but can never take the place of genuine personal interactions. We feel that sitting down with a friend can never be replaced.